Become more focused at work, get more peace in your day!

For many, working tirelessly each day begins to take a toll on your body and your mind. However working more, especially in NYC, means more money in the bank, more money for future investments and vacation time. We are all trying to find ways to optimise our body and our mind to work more by utilizing less energy but the only remedies we have come up with is more coffee and increasing exercising to feel more powerful and fit to move about the day.

What if I told you that you could get more out of your day with just breath work? Go with me on this one... watch how it works.

Practice. Right now, with this breath. And then, carry that peace with you with each step you take. 


  • Take a slow, deep breath
  • Slowly exhale, and let the morning, the day ahead, the week, and the month go
  • Sit up straight, then breathe
  • Notice your body
  • Breathe three long, slow breaths
  • Let the exhale be longer than the inhale
  • Let each breath be a little slower, a little still-er, a little longer, than the one before
  • Carry this slow, still breath with you throughout the day


  • Set an hourly timer (on the hour, half past, whatever)
  • Each time it goes off - no matter what you're doing: notice your breath
  • Then take three long, slow, still breaths
  • That's it. Easy.

The great thing is that you can take these three breaths anywhere, doing anything. It doesn't matter where the timer goes off. You can take three breaths in a meeting, on the phone, while giving a presentation, while listening to the screaming person. As you do this, you'll come to welcome the little alarm that reminds you to breathe – to be present to yourself.

After a few alarms, you'll notice you come into your body a bit more, get out of your head and into your feet - into the world - a bit more. You'll let yourself be a bit slower and deliberate (i.e., a bit more peaceful).

Practice this throughout the day, and you'll begin to find peace and presence in your breath - no matter what else is going on. This peace and presence will increase your productivity to achieve in your day.