Hack Your Sleep & Achieve Better Results

We want to be better and perform at a higher level which means we are willing to do whatever it takes. This means, becoming better at sleeping. I know this may seem crazy to some “Louisa I am great at sleeping, as soon as my head hits the pillow I fall asleep straight away”. This is great but it is not the quantity of sleep I am concerned about, it’s the quality. 

Given the increase in pharmaceutical sleep aid prescriptions over the last ten years I would say that it is completely normal to want to learn more about sleep and how you can hack your sleep for better performance. When considering life changes for brain health and lifestyle health, one of the most important aspects to consider is sleep. We tend to not get enough sleep and our brains run on fatigue much of the time. We tend not to rest our brains during the day due to the demand of life and as a result, our brains are over-stimulated, stressed, and tired. So, consider this a permission slip to get a good quality night's sleep this week.

My love for sleep quality came to light when I started my business. Late night’s early mornings and crucial time schedules. I wanted to optimise every aspect of my well-being so I started to track and measure myself sleep using several apps and even monitoring my brainwaves and HRV (heart rate variability) during my sleep. At this point I discovered an important fact about my sleeping patterns, I was not getting as much ‘deep sleep’ as I needed which resulted in me having brain fog every morning. Of course, I masked this brain fog with copious amounts of coffee and I thought that did the trick. Evidently, when you lose out on sleep, you’re not giving your brain the opportunity to clean up after a long day of work.


(The image above shows the brainwave activity of sleep. As you can see, the slow-wave-sleep brainwaves occur during stay 4 which is deep sleep).

(The image above shows the brainwave activity of sleep. As you can see, the slow-wave-sleep brainwaves occur during stay 4 which is deep sleep).

The following is a simple list that you can start to incorporate immediately to get a good night’s sleep.

  1. Start priming your mind for sleep about two hours prior to hitting the pillow. This means no exercise or food two hours prior to falling sleep and it also means This means less bright lighting at night, as well eliminating, or at least dimming, computer screens and TVs.
  2. To make sleep extremely effective it would be beneficial to sleep in a pitch-black room. If you cannot do this then simply buy an eye mask which will block out all the light from entering your eyes. If you want to go to the next level, cover the lights from your computer and other devices with black tape. 
  3. It is great to take magnesium on a daily basis and if you do, try taking it at night as it relaxes your mind and your body and prepares it for sleep. 


I encourage you to keep researching different ways to hack your sleep and try getting a regular sleeping pattern happening. If you want to check out more, follow me on Instagram: _thediamondboss or Youtube: The Diamond Boss