The Weiner, The Whiner and The Winner.. Which One Are You?

What makes somebody extraordinary? In our day-to-day world we rarely question the status quo. But it's those situations – where our sense of what's right overwhelms our tendency to go along with habit, process, or policy – that give us the opportunity to show our potential. How can some people, in the face of enormous challenges, step up with innovative ideas and actions that take them far and beyond usual efforts.

In today's consensus-driven, cover-your-tracks, keep-your-head-down, find-more-data, analysis paralysis world, there is no hiding the truth. Nobody can hide behind closed doors now, the internet exposes us all and exposes us quickly. Those who are extraordinary like the Elon Musk’s of the world will be revealed and those who think they are won’t. 

In light of the extraordinary individual, it is my sound belief that we can categorise people into three types. There are three types of people I see on a daily basis who make up this world and who constantly show me why we have gold, silver and bronze medals and awards. The fight for gold is always however in 2018 I don’t think Darwinism can serve any justice. We can’t just rely on ‘only the strong seal survive’ because the strong have been and gone.. so what does it take to go from ordinary to extraordinary in 2018? 

These three types of people distinguish who we are, which one are you? 

Let’s start with Type three, the Weiner. These people aren’t that extraordinary at all. They do the bare ass minimum (BAM) to survive and take this initiative on board throughout their lives with everything that they do. They to the BAM in their relationships where they just show up instead of really nurturing the other person and the relationship they have which leads to failure. They do the BAM with their health and fitness goals and do just what may be deemed as normal in society but will not argue this. Finally, this type of person when asked to complete a task will not get anything above that of extraordinary. The desired result will be satisfactory and in the borders of what you asked for. You are not going to get anything exceptional.

Type two, the whiner. These are the types of people who have suffered a bit to get to where they are but they have reached their threshold and that is it. They no longer want to proceed, they have thrown in the towel after a minimal amount of time.  These types of people are the ones you can give a task to do and they will deliver great results back. They will deliver it the majority of the time, as long as there aren’t too many variables thrown at them. They react to the smallest amounts of stress and need to step back when the going get’s tough. 

Type one, the winner. This person has reached a whole new meaning of preparation. They go further than what is expected of them and they don’t stop until the job has exceeded the expectations set. They spend every moment of their time focusing and preparing their morning, day and night. They leave nothing to chance and always have a backup plan. 
A winner is the type of person that can shut out all the noise in their head and push forward remembering why they are doing this. They are poised when under the pump, they know that macro patience and micro speed will produce the result and they are more eager to beat themselves than their opponents. They are the gold medal holders, the billion dollar company owners, and the first place podium finishers. 

So how do we climb the ladder from type three to type one? You can only work on three things to become extraordinary. That is your craft, your body, and your mind. If you want to achieve extraordinary things in your life you have to be willing to do things that nobody else does. 

You can start this process by working on the powerhouse of your entire body which is your mind. Your mind, once trained, will close the gap from Weiner to Winner by enabling you to become more mentally fit, emotionally stronger and more resilient to stress. By accessing certain areas of your mind through mental performance strategies such as meditation, breathing, and visualization techniques. Through consistency and through a proper mental performance program you will be able to go from type 3 to type 2 in any given situation.