Healthy Brains Make The Sales

Until recently selling has remained an art. Now it's about to become a science.

Until recently, there really hasn't been a ’neuroscience of selling' because selling behavior and the psychology of it is too complex to measure. For instance, it's a statistical fact that 20 percent of salespeople make 80 percent of the revenue, but nobody knows why that 20 percent are so much more effective. We know the "what" of that statistic, but the "why" has remained elusive.

Similarly, there isn't yet a "science of buying" that explains why people buy they way they do. For instance, it's a statistical fact that buyers confronted with similar products at three prices will tend to buy the mid-priced product. We've been able to speculate why that's true, but we haven't been able to tell why or how a buying decision is made.

Until now.

Neuro Athletics produces neuro athletes within the sales environment. Through our brain based sales workshops we introduce your team to the neuroscience of selling and how to train their brain to be performing at their peak. 

Neuroscience means new tools

In the past, we could study the "what happened"--the result of selling and buying behavior--but not the "why," because the "why" remained encased inside the heads (or brains, to be more precise) of the seller and the buyer.

Neuroscience allows scientists to study how the brains of the buyer and seller are acting and reacting during actual sales situations. This provides a level of detail that simply wasn't available using the blunt instruments of the past.

For example, Baylor College of Medicine department of neuroscience recently monitored the brains of 76 volunteers in a "bargaining game" between a "buyer" and a "seller." Brain scans revealed a "very significant difference in brain responses" between those who bluffed and those who didn't.

Consider that for a moment. Negotiating price is a core selling behavior that can now be measured in terms of how the brains of the buyer and seller are reacting.

It’s time to move into the next phase of sales and marketing evolution for your company. It’s time to implement a methodology that is built on science and biology. You can’t keep expecting your prospects to “change” when you haven’t given your sales and marketing teams any reason to change the way they are communicating with them.

When you partner with Neuro Athletics, we teach your entire sales and marketing organization the neuroscience of customer decision making and then help them implement a proven process through our programs to build and deliver more effective messaging to your customers. 

We not only help your sales team perform at their peak and get a healthy performing brain but we also leave them with the tools and strategies to master their brain so they can keep consistent throughout the year.

Louisa Nicola