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I’m guessing if you are anything like me, you have been searching your entire life for new ways to be a better version of yourself. I’m guessing also that you were told throughout your life that you couldn’t be someone or couldn’t do something due to height, weight, socio-economic status, belief system or mentality. 

This is completely wrong and here’s why. 

I’m Louisa Nicola, founder of Neuro Athletics and I am your new Mental Performance Coach. The mind and the brain work in mysterious ways and the vision I have for every athlete world wide is to understand how effective brain training can be when you utilise it to it's potential. 

From brain-body movement to vision and movement neurology and nootropics, Neuro Athletics is a full-service athlete 'gym for your brain'.

I personally am a neurohacker. Meaning, I perform tests on my brain via neurofeedback devices and other means of technology to enhance my brain health which includes my cognitive functions, focus ability, attention capacity and reaction time. I use and experiment with nutrition in order to understand what and how to feed my brain correctly, I love taking nootropics (smart drugs) and testing them to find what will give me the competitive advantage and lastly I spend countless hours using meditation practises and other mental performance strategies to induce a change in my mindset. 

Neurohacking (verb, noun):

(v): is a form of biohacking (qv) focusing on the brain and CNS. The main goal of neurohacking is optimal mental health. 

(n) Becoming mentally flawless. 

Mentally Flawless

At Neuro Athletics we believe that a person can perform at their peak when they are internally free from neural conflicts from a cellular level and they are at peace with themselves. When someone is at their peak they are said to be ‘mentally flawless'. 

Become better at anything by improving your mental performance. 

I can safely say that over the last decade I have bought and spent thousands of dollars to better understand my own brain and find new and improved ways of changing it and remolding it so I can become unstoppable. I did this quite simply because I learned from a very young age that either you hack your own mind and brain or they get hacked for you. 


Neuroletics is a science of the mind. It is an application and process of turning an average mind into an elite, powerful machine through scientific techniques. The process results in a flawless mindset. This is how we have cultivated our curriculum at Neuro Athletics. Once you come on board with one of out coaches or even join us in the online program you will study this content. 

How to start..

If you are an athlete and you have stumbled upon us to improve your performance than the first step is to breathe, get a coffee and read through all of the articles. If you want to learn how to become 'mentally flawless' you can start by downloading the FREE mindset hack manual and progressing through the various forms of education we have available on the website.

Where to learn more and find new information: 

  1. There’s a lot of info on this website within the blog section which you can read about and use as your personal library to becoming unstoppable.

  2. iTunes- The Neuro Experience: Hosted by myself. It’s a combination of interviews, content and daily mental performance banter.

  3. YouTube- The Diamond Boss, where we host a lot of content related to brain health, nutrition, and exercise.

  4. Social media: We have loads of information on our Facebook and Instagram pages along with Linkedin so be sure to click the links at the bottom of this page to direct you there.


The mind is what the brain does! Let’s get started...