Welcome to the home of mental fitness. Below we have outlined in detail how we help from the initial consultation process through to the entire 6 session process.










If you feel any of the above then you have come to the right place!

From our perspective, identifying the cause of these difficulties is the first step to helping someone overcome their challenges. At Neuro Athletics our coaches assess the entire body and nervous system, beginning with the receptors (vision and hearing) then moving to the Nuero Performance Test which assess your cognitive abilities. Then we look at the ability to process visual (eye movements) and auditory (listening tests) information, and how all of those functions integrate into the brain. Based upon the assessments, each person receives an individualize program of exercises to help them process information better, which may include eye exercises, coordination exercises, cognitive therapy, and possibly even vestibular therapy.

Restore your brain's function and performance…

At Neuro Athletics we care about one thing- getting the outcome for our clients. We are there for you every step of the way even when you feel like the process to healing is daunting. From the moment you enter our doors we make you feel like an elite athlete. Our front-office staff have been trained to introduce you to our coaches and take you through our world class facility and welcome process.

Our professional, compassionate, and enthusiastic team of of coaches and experts provide effective care in a warm, comfortable environment. Every client is assigned to 1 coach. The role of your coach during a consultation is to assimilate challenges you may be facing neurologically or mentally, assess your past medical history and with the examination and diagnostic findings, the coach will create your customized performance plan.

None of the training methods that our coaches perform are invasive (no breaking the skin), or painful. They are fun and give you a great insight into your our mind and brain so you can understand journey better. The coaches are constantly monitoring your neurological function and comfort level to ensure that you have the best experience for the entire 6 week journey. We are a human performance facility with particular expertise in treating mental challenges, energy barriers, productivity brain impairment or traumatic injuries that have not responded to standard care or other services. Our team is prepared to take on the most challenging cases from around the world and collaborate with your local physicians or other coaches to provide the most effective care possible.

We like to think of ourselves as a personal training gym for your brain!

Our Outcomes

Your success is our success. From day 1 at Neuro Athletics we assess your goals. Goal-setting is a very important part of your outcome. Each client spends as much time as needed with their coach to define what success looks like for them and if it is realistic.

Most of our clients define success by a reduction of symptoms, increase in productivity and overall human performance.



The Sensory Station is a cutting-edge technology that uses principles of neuroscience to assess and train an athlete’s sensory system and improve performance. Coordination between the sensory and motor systems is essential for athletic performance. An athlete’s ability to assess his or her environment, estimate distance and perceive objects in the peripheral vision can make the difference between winning and losing.

The Sensory Station assesses ten visual and sensory-motor skills, including depth perception, eye mobility, peripheral and central vision, reaction time and eye/hand coordination. The station also measures the speed at which visual information is acquired and how quickly attention can shift from near to far objects. These measurements are then compared to a large database, which includes information from athletes of all levels and abilities, to identify any weaknesses that may exist.



The FITLIGHT Trainer™ system is a unique wireless reaction training system comprised of LED powered lights. The lights act as targets for the user to touch and can be adapted and configured for all sports specific exercises. This training system is designed to capture human performance, targeting reaction time, speed, agility, and coordination.

Using real-time data, our performance training program incorporates Fitlight technology by creating customized measurable routines both on an individual and team basis. The fitlight is used as a powerful training technology for a wide range of physical conditioning, reaction/response training, vision training and numerous other physical and cognitive skills training.

The FITLIGHT Trainer™ utilizes a combination of patent pending hardware, software and electronics to rapidly drive the user’s development in all areas with tangible feedback for a personal fitness benchmark. Designed for both outdoor & indoor use, the FITLIGHT Trainer™ is water and impact resistant, meaning it can be hit and touched with great power.

Professional athletes and teams such as the Toronto Raptors and Stephen Curry incorporate the Fitlight in their training sessions to slow the game down. The Fitlight is also being used as a military training device for snipers and marksmen as performance measurements.

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The Halo Sport is a wearable fitness device that works through a process called Neuropriming. Neuropriming is the process of using neuro-stimulation during athletic training to build stronger, more optimized connections between the brain and the muscles. Neuropriming introduces a state of hyper-learning or “hyperplasticity” in the brain, which refines the brain’s ability to learn and adapt to athletic training. This allows athletes to see better results, faster.

Athletes wear Halo Sport before or during training, and the device’s soft foam primers deliver electrical stimulation to the brain’s motor cortex. This increases neuroplasticity, which accelerates the optimization of neuromuscular circuitry through training. Improved neuromuscular output leads to more precise, coordinated, and/or explosive movement — whichever the athlete targets during training.

Currently, Cleveland Browns linebacker Demario Davis, Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Marcus Smith, Browns center Gabe Ikard, New England Patriots linebacker Trevor Bates, and, Oakland Raiders cornerback T.J. Carrie are all using Halo Sport and have all reported seeing improvements to their overall performance.

As a result of Halo Sport, Carrie has seen his vertical jump increase by six to eight inches and he has added 80 pounds to his squat.

Halo Sport builds on decades of academic research surrounding tDCS, TES, and other types of non-invasive brain stimulation. Over two thousand peer-reviewed papers speak to the efficacy, reliability, and safety of Halo Sport.



Visual acuity is essential for athletic performance. We use visual information to form a picture of our surroundings, to estimate distance and speed of objects and to coordinate movements. Even small deficiencies in vision can have an impact on athletic performance. Despite the common perception that our senses are fully developed in childhood and decline later in life, recent research has shown that the brain has a remarkable capacity to train and improve our senses.

Strobe goggles are designed to train the connections between the eyes, brain and body. This advanced technology uses liquid crystal technology that allows lenses in goggles to alternate between clear and opaque states several times a second. These brief periods of blocked visual input result in improved vision, attention and the ability to anticipate the timing of moving objects.

By improving visual abilities, strobe goggles can improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury. NBA’s Stephan Curry, who is known for his speed and precision in shooting, wears strobe goggles to enhance his training.



A high resolution, neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset that reads your brain waves. It uses a set of sensors to tune into electric signals produced by the brain to detect a persons thoughts, feelings and expressions and connects wirelessly to a computer or gaming device.



From warming up, working out and cooling down with proper recovery, Compex electric muscle simulators can help accelerate your fitness results. With pre-designed programs, you can activate hard-to-reach muscle fibers quicker than your regular training regimen with less stress on your body. Providing major benefits across all areas of performance, whether you're a newbie or elite, here's the down and dirty of what Compex muscle stimulation can deliver.

A Typical 6 week program at neuro athletics

A typical program at Neuro Athletics takes 6 weeks consisting of 6 sessions (1 session per week) each around 45 - 60 minutes in length, with the exception of your first and last diagnostic session which takes approximately 75-90 minutes. All remaining sessions may include diagnostic testing, therapies, or consultations with your coaching team. 

Session 1: Neuro Performance Test:

Your first session is a Neuro Performance Test. You will undergo approximately 90 minutes worth of testing and examinations so that our team may fully understand your challenges. In this examination, some of the tests include:

  • Hand-eye coordination 

  • Decision accuracy 

  • Visual clarity 

  • Contact sensitivity 

  • Depth perception 

  • Near far quickness

  • Perception span 

  • Multiple object tracking

  • Target capture

  • Reaction time 

We do an EEG scan to test, analyse and measure your brainwave activity to see how well your brain is performing under pressure.

You then step onto our balancing plate tool to test your posture, balance and coordination. Posture and balance control is more than just preventing falls. While we don’t want you to take a potentially dangerous tumble, assessing your ability to control your posture and balance helps us to better localize where you have issues in your brain and nervous system. We look to see improvements in your balance exa because your ability to balance is intimately tied to the function of your brain. You cannot have good balance without appropriate brain function. 

Session 2-6: Training Plan in Action: Once your training plan has been established, it's time to get to work. In session 2-6 you will complete approximately 60 mins of intensive neurological rehabilitation and training, all with one goal in sight; to improve your cognitive performance.

The sessions do include light physical activity so you will be sure to break a sweat and get a small workout in while also stressing your entire neurological system.

Historically, after session 6, 91% of our clients continue on a bi-weekly basis to maintain their mental endurance. We also help them though their home program and ultimately they are able to perform better, think faster and live longer.

Whatever your needs, our performance center has the resources and expertise to provide effective treatment and significant outcomes through our world class training programs.