I recently uploaded a 10 minute podcast rant about instagram and social media. I'm putting it out there, I truly believe you need to have an emotional licence to be able to download Instagram.

More and more studies are showing the side-effects social media are causing on our mental health, and apparently Instagram is the worst platform of all for our wellbeing, especially for young people. According to research it negatively affects sleep quality, body image and self esteem, triggering feelings of inadequacy, FOMO, anxiety and depression that in extreme—but existent—cases lead to suicide. Teenagers are certainly more affected but the problem extends to all of us.

You scroll down your feed and 80% you see is perfect pictures from perfect people with perfect relationships that live the perfect life. After putting down you phone, you would feel ugly, boring and like your life isn’t good enough or even worse – YOU AREN'T good enough. The pressure you feel at this point is quite big. But here come’s the good part: THAT SHIT ISN’T REAL!

FOMO (Fear of missing out)

Part of that Instagram depression is FOMO. When we scroll through we see the best of someones world, the best part of their relationship and the best part of their health and lifestyle so we naturally get FOMO. We live in fear that we aren't living our lives to the fullest because we are missing out on something we saw on Instagram that another couple is doing. We get FOMO when we see someone out on a Saturday night drinking, dancing and having fun while we are at home. It's not real, it's FOMO.


Some people go a step further and have serious feelings of anxiety that comes right before they hit the “post” button. I’m glad this hasn’t happened to me but trust me it’s real. These people need others to endorse what they share and reflect their self esteem, character or intellect based on the number of likes and followers. Some people even say that the app consumes them in a way that they can’t think of anything else, their mood is dependent on Instagram numbers and the places they visit are based on if they’re “instagrammable” or not. 

After all, we are trying to create a picture-perfect feed with the best aspects of our life because we think this is what the audience wants to see.


I find that instagram is revealing unrealistic expectations of ourselves, With the growing amount of filters that are available to us we are photoshopped with every image and video that we become unrecognisable to our friends and future friends. This can often be a bad thing as it tricks your brain into thinking that you are not pretty enough to not use a filter. When the entire world is using a filter and you aren't then you look different and your views may not be as high, so you compensate and can used to the f'filter life' which in turn defines what we look like. Let's stop the madness, nobody is perfect!

I would love you all to take 10 minutes to listen to this important podcast and let me know your thoughts!