3 Reminders That You Will Make It

For me, I have always pushed at everything even when I felt like I was the only one backing me.

From wanting to meet Jennifer Lopez at the age of 9 to wanting to be number one female triathlete in the world. However, the concept of self-doubt is not lost on me and I am sure a lot of you reading this have felt that glimmer of self-doubt every now and then. The truth is, when we look for others to push us forward and see reminding us that we have what it takes, we end up losing. I learnt so many reminders during my competitive triathlon day especially when I lost a race or when I was injured. Here are some reminders for you to keep pushing even when your mind is telling you not to. 




Most people get caught up in believing all the manic thoughts that come into their heads because they don’t know how to quiet or silence their own minds. They compare themselves to other athletes and they start hating on themselves or they start to believe that because they aren’t where they want to be that they are in the wrong sport/ field/ industry. 

Negative thoughts, in any form, will kill you and your desire to be the person you want to be. Be super careful with your mind and what you fill it with because eventually you will rewire your brain into a negative machine and that’s when you have lost. 



I can never understand the people who procrastinate or better yet, I can never understand people who say that they are bored. I always believe that procrastination comes from the fact that you are forced to do something you really don’t want to do. If you procrastinate on doing something you hate but believe that you need to do this particular thing in order to get to your goal then that should be motivating enough. For me, you either procrastinate because you hate the task or you procrastinate because you haven’t linked enough pleasure to the reward of completing the task. Either way, stop being lazy and choose. Don’t eat until it’s too late. 




Call me crazy but I believe that those who become obsessed with their craft often win. I hear critics saying that obsession is unhealthy however someone who has competed at an International level for a rigorous sport (triathlon) and also someone who works with some of the best athletes in the world I have to say that when you are obsessed with every little detail that’s when you produce great results. 

When I say obsessed, I mean, obsessed with how you turn up everyday, obsessed with how you track and measure results, obsessed with how you manage your time and emotions. Obsession with being the best you can be is a healthy thing. 

If you have read this far, thank you. It goes without saying that this means the absolute world to me. I hope these small reminders will light some fire in your heart and mind to not give up and to keep pushing. My biggest hope is for you to back yourself and be your own best friend, cheer leader and partner. Be the one that inspires you so you don’t need to rely on anybody else. 


Thanks for reading ♥