57: Fashion, Finance, Business & Triathlon | Founder of 2XU Jamie Hunt stops by..

In this interview I interview Jamie Hunt and find out how a former triathlete created $100m business 2XU.

I have loved 2xu for over 10 years now and believe in the science behind the brand, I hope you will be inspired to build the life of your dreams after you listen to this episode! 2XU was founded in 2005 by Hunt, a former elite triathlete, underwear entrepreneur Clyde Davenport, and sales and marketing specialist Aidan Clarke. Serial entrepreneur Davenport made his fortune with his eponymous boxer shorts business and bankrolled the start-up with a loan of almost $1 million, which Hunt says was "a drop in the ocean" compared with 2XU's value today with a turnover of more than $US75 million ($100 million) globally.

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