#1 Brain Fitness Guide

#1 Brain Fitness Guide


It's time to get the mental performance that you have always wanted! This ultimate guide not only teaches you the fundamentals of mind and brain performance but it is packed with mental performance programs for athletes, entrepreneurs, entertainers and anyone wanting to shift the gears and up their mental game! When you know how the brain works you can then begin to work on the mind which is your secret weapon when climbing the ladder of success.

Jammed packed with tips, strategies, and tools so you can thrive in a competitive world.

What's included:

+ Written and designed by Louisa Nicola, head coach of Neuro Athletics

+ An at-home mental performance training program

+ Brain Nutritional guidelines

+ Essential tips to build a strong mindset to increase any type of      performance

+ Scientifically based information with citations

+ Download and access on any smart device

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