"Louisa has helped me to develop courage and motivation to finally start the business I have always dreamed of. After all of my achievements I still felt like I hadn't reached the level of success that I have alway longed for. I was so lost and after working with Louisa I now have experienced a breakthrough and shifted my focus towards my vision for life and have a clear roadmap to achieve my dream life."

TEGAN MARTIN, Miss Universe Australia [MAY 22, 2016]

Terri Bertakis

"Working with Louisa Nicola has given me a fresh perspective on how I can make each day productive, to achieve my goals. I now feel extremely motivated to take these valuable steps in both my sporting and personal life."

ALANNA KENNEDY - Rio Olympian [NOVEMBER 21, 2016]

Terri Bertakis

"Neuro Athletics has introduced me to an entire new aspect of training. As a professional boxer you don’t get to see the mental side of training often and since commencing with Neuro Athletics my entire training and performance has changed."

DEAN & SCOTT BURREL, Professional Boxers [JULY 20, 2017]

Terri Bertakis