+ the beginning

After competing for Australia and training 30 hours a week as a full-time triathlete, NSW based excersise and sports science teacher, Louisa Nicola knew that there was a smart and better way to becoming the best in your field, it's through the mind.

In 2011 Louisa went on to study as masters degree and started working with youth, amateur and professional athletes developing their mental skills and using neurofeedback and brain-body fitness skills to analyse their behaviours.

Neuro Athletics was founded in 2015 with a global reach of athletes from Australia, London, New York, Los Angeles, Canada and Spain.

+ neuro athletics now

Neuro Athletics is a full-service mental performance agency that guides athletes and organisations through a variety of coaching services involved in rewiring their brains to achieve peak performance. We are improving the level of service beyond what any athlete and corporate organisation believes they are capable of, one client at a time.

The Neuro Athletics LAB is like a gym for your brain helping you overcome cognitive challenges and meet your mental peak performance. Our training protocols include Quantitative EEG “brain mapping” assessments, neurofeedback training, heart rate variability biofeedback, vision training and assessment and cognitive fitness testing.

+ our mission

Neuro Athleics is focused on getting individuals to perform better, think faster and live longer. We’re in constant pursuit to educate people on the benefits of mental training and on understanding how the brain affects performance. We tend to disrupt the industry by showing people that the brain is the determining factor when competing to be the best. We do this by training athletes one on one with our highly specialised coaches at our high performance Lab in TriBeca and through corporate workshops.


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We believe two things:

  1. The brain will always come first 

  2. The mind is what the brain does

Without a solid mental and neurological foundation delivered within a set training program, an athlete can only go so far. We exist for the sole purpose of giving you an edge by developing you into a world class neuro athlete. We do this by working closely with your brain and mind, analysing the neurology of your mental state and enhancing your overall human performance.


l o u i s a
n i c o l a




M.Math - Neurology

As a mental performance coach, Louisa Nicola works individually and with groups of high-profile people from every major sport, Olympians, Fortune 100 CEOs, as well as internationally acclaimed artists and musicians. 

Having represented Australia as a triathlete racing both nationally and internationally and winning a spot on the world’s team racing in Beijing and Auckland, Louisa has a deep understanding of what it takes to perform at the elite level. 

After graduating with a Masters in Mathematics, her thesis explored the mathematical modeling behind human performance with an emphasis on Neurology, she believes that "at an elite level it is 90% psychological and 10% physiological".

Ultimately, Louisa’s goal is to unpack, decode then rebuild the minds and brains of the greatest performers in the world. To accelerate that aim, she has curated conversations with those who have dedicated their lives to becoming the best in her podcast The Neuro Experience, she is dedicated to her social following on Instagram and LinkedIn.

With a scientific and technology focused approach, Louisa is on a mission to produce world class Neuro Athletes. 

“Once you truly understand and harness the power of your brain, high performance will become a reality”

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